EDM Wire Cut Machine

EDM Wire Cut Machine Designed to cut Hard Metals

An EDM Wire Cut Machine is a cutting tool designed for metals. Not all metals offer the same tensile strength and in fact some are combined with others, specifically to produce alloys with extremely high tensile strength. An EDM Wire Cut Machine is a high precision tool designed to cut these types of materials. An example of such a material is Molybdenum. This is used to make steel alloys and super alloys.

A Wire EDM Machine for a Variety of Materials

Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd uses a wire EDM machine to cut and machine a wide variety of materials. These include Tungsten Carbide, Aluminium, Bronze, Brass, Graphite, Copper and Steel. Other more exotic materials include Gold, Silver, Duplex, Inconel, Nimonics and Titanium. The latter, Titanium is possibly one of the most widely known materials with a low density and high tensile strength. This makes it extremely desirable with multiple applications in design and engineering. Of course, to shape and cut such a useful material requires the use of a wire EDM machine.

An EDM Machine Business You can Trust

Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd is an EDM machine business you can trust. The team have years of experience using an EDM machine. This means the team are quality focused with a high attention to detail. You can trust them to take the specification they are given and deliver within tolerances and to a consistent standard. They are also adept at problem solving and taking products from concept through design to final finish. Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd has sub-contracted on multiple projects and understands that customer service and commitment is as important as the final product.

High Quality Wire EDM

The quality of the wire in wire EDM is extremely important. The material of the wire EDM is a key variable as well as the thickness. It stands to reason the thicker the wire the less finite the cut but that does depend in the specification. For example, when drilling a large hole, a larger drill bit is required and is in fact more efficient than making multiple cuts with smaller drill bits. So just because the wire is thicker does not necessarily mean the cut is less accurate. It depends on the specification. However, adjusting the wire EDM thickness is an important way of tailoring the tool to the job. You can be sure that Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd have years of experience in setting up their machinery to optimise quality and performance.

“Our goal is to continually exceed all our customer’s expectations”

Our services

Wherever engineering is involved, across a wide variety of industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, motor, ceramic and all types of tooling. We offer an expert, knowledgeable service spanning the UK, that is competitively priced and customer focused.

From modern, purpose-built headquarters in Cheshire the very latest in high-technology machines deliver the highest of standards in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, RAM and Fast Hole Drilling.

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