EDM Electrical Discharge Machining

A High Precision EDM Wire Cut

An EDM wire cut when precisely controlled by CNC leads to high fidelity cuts. The CNC is not the only variable. The EDM wire cut can be controlled in terms of intensity. Usually the first cut is achieved using a higher intensity electrical discharge. This tends to create a rougher edge lacking the desired precision. Further cuts or ‘skims’ as they are sometimes called are then achieved using less intense electrical discharges. The subsequent cut is finer. A reasonable analogy is like using a saw to make the first cut in wood and then using a sanding process to smooth the edges of the cut so the final cut is precise and accurate to the specification.

EDM Brass Wire Machining

EDM brass wire is one of the metal choices when configuring the EDM machine. Since the EDM brass wire serves as the electrode it must be an excellent conductor of electricity. The greater the efficiency of conduction and the speed with which sparks can be generated directly affect the cutting speed of the electrode. This in turn impacts on production costs and inevitable the product cost passed onto the client. EDM brass wire machining offers excellent conductivity and efficiency. Ultimately this is means more cost effective production processes that lead to more competitive pricing for clients of Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd.

Electrode Wire Eroding Explained!

Many people do not understand the process of electrode wire eroding. The science is complex and precise. Experience is a major factor in this industry as there are a plethora of variables all of which need fine tuning to deliver exactly what the client the needs. Getting lost in the details can cloud the basic concept of wire eroding. At its simplest level, wire eroding is using a wire charged with electricity and making it jump a tiny gap to make contact with another conducting surface (metal). That electrical charge is extremely hot and intense; this is the ‘spark.’ When the spark makes contact with another surface it erodes a tiny amount of that surface; this is the ‘cut.’ Of course to cut from metal any shape of significance this process is repeated again and again under very controlled conditions.

EDM Electrical Discharge Machining

EDM Electrical Discharge Machining is a cutting tool for very hard metals. The application of EDM Electrical Discharge Machining is extensive. It can be used to cut and shape metal parts, particularly those requiring a high degree of precision. It can also be used to make metal dies and is widely used in die sinking. This process involves cutting into a metal surface to make essentially a mould. The mould then can be used to shape other materials such as plastic.

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