Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

Controlling Heat during the EDM Process

Sustained heat direct to a metal surface can serve to warp the surface of the material. One of the distinct advantages of EDM over other processes for cutting hard metals is that this does not happen. That said, EDM does generate extreme heat up to approximately 10,000 degrees Celsius. A spark at this temperature is the key to EDM and its cutting abilities. However, an essential component to the process is the addition of dielectric fluid. This bathes the electrode and surface and serves a two-fold benefit in the EDM process. It serves as a coolant and flushes away tiny pieces of debris produced by the spark.

Investing in State of the Art Wire EDM Machines

Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd takes great pride in having invested over £400,000 in state of the art Wire EDM Machines. A long standing adage is that a workman is only as good as his tools. That is absolutely true in this industry. The best skills and experience are in effect wasted if they are applied through poor equipment. Wire EDM Machines that are up to date and perform within tight quality control mechanisms are essential for high precision cuts.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining – Art and Science

It may surprise some to learn that wire electrical discharge machining is both art and science. Most people reading this website will readily discern the strong elements of science to wire electrical discharge machining. However, the art comes from making judgements based on experience. For example the exact pressure of the flow of dielectric fluid must match the intensity of the electrical discharge. To explain further, when the electrical discharge is less powerful for shallower cuts, the fluid pressure must be reduced. In contrast, making rougher or initial cuts, the electrical discharge is stronger and generates more heat. Subsequently the fluid flow must be adjusted accordingly. The fine balance between these two is an art in itself.

Gold Standard Wire EDM Service

Gold is not a hard metal. In contrast it softer and more malleable. That is, in part, what makes it an attractive material for jewellery. The wire EDM service at Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd is like Gold. Customer satisfaction and delivery on time, to specification and within budget are of paramount importance. Cheshire Wire Erosion Ltd offers a wire EDM service that is malleable to customer needs and attractive to the budget with highly competitive pricing.

“Our goal is to continually exceed all our customer’s expectations”

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Wherever engineering is involved, across a wide variety of industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, motor, ceramic and all types of tooling. We offer an expert, knowledgeable service spanning the UK, that is competitively priced and customer focused.

From modern, purpose-built headquarters in Cheshire the very latest in high-technology machines deliver the highest of standards in Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, RAM and Fast Hole Drilling.

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